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Exhaust Repair

Exhaust Repair

Regular plumbing maintenance is like giving your system a check-up before it needs a fix. It helps catch problems early, saving you from unexpected repairs.

Medford, MA, USA

The Benefits

Heat starts working properly and you no longer have carbon monoxide coming back into your home.

The Problem

Our client contacted us to investigate a heating issues in their tenement home in Medford, MA. Despite previous attempts with other companies to diagnose and fix the problem, none were successful in providing a lasting solution beyond a day or two.

The Solution

Exhaust wasn’t installed properly creating a leakage causing carbon monoxide to come back into the system. Causing the system to have water on the return pipe and safety switch locking the system.

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The Install

We replaced the safety switch and the pipe brace which holds the exhaust pipe leaving the machines.

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