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Mass Save With Victoria Services Inc.

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Mass Save

Heat Loans

The Mass Save Heat Loan is an initiative designed to assist Massachusetts residents and businesses in making energy-efficient improvements to their homes, particularly focusing on heating and cooling systems. The Heat Loan specifically provides 0% interest loans to assist in financing the upfront costs of installing more energy-efficient heating systems, water heaters, insulation, and other qualified energy-saving improvements. The goal is to encourage people to make energy-saving improvements that can lower their energy bills over time while also benefiting the environment by reducing energy consumption.


The Answers You Need

What is the Mass Save Heat Loan?

Zero-Interest Loan

It offers homeowners a 0% interest loan to help finance the upfront costs of purchasing and installing energy-efficient upgrades. These upgrades can include heating systems, water heaters, insulation, and other qualified energy-saving improvements.

Energy Efficiency

The program encourages homeowners to invest in energy-efficient equipment and upgrades. This not only reduces their energy consumption but also helps in lowering their utility bills over time.

Financial Assistance

By providing a no-interest loan, the program aims to alleviate the financial burden associated with purchasing and installing energy-efficient systems. This allows homeowners to make these valuable upgrades without having to pay the entire cost upfront.

How Does it Work?


Massachusetts residents who own a one-to-four family residence are generally eligible for the Mass Save Heat Loan program. Specific eligibility criteria may apply based on the upgrades being considered.

Qualified Upgrades

Homeowners can use the loan to cover the costs of approved energy-saving upgrades. These might include upgrading to more efficient heating systems, installing programmable thermostats, improving insulation, or replacing older, inefficient appliances with energy-efficient models.

Loan Repayment

The loan provided is interest-free and typically repaid through the homeowner's utility bill. The repayment terms are designed to be manageable, allowing homeowners to repay the loan over time while still enjoying the savings from their reduced energy bills.

Benefits for Homeowners

Cost Savings

 Energy-efficient upgrades can lead to significant savings on energy bills over the long term. The Mass Save Heat Loan helps homeowners access these savings by making these upgrades more affordable.

Comfort and Efficiency

Upgrading to more efficient systems can improve the comfort of your home while reducing energy waste, benefiting both the environment and your wallet.

Environmental Impact

By reducing energy consumption, these upgrades contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly living environment.

In Massachusetts, maintaining your home's comfort is vital, especially during harsh winters and hot summers. Upgrading your HVAC and plumbing systems offers improved comfort control, durability, and substantial energy savings through enhanced efficiency. Massachusetts has set ambitious emission reduction goals for 2030, aiming to cut our carbon footprint by 50% and achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. By upgrading, you might qualify for Mass Save incentives, supporting energy-efficient improvements in line with these statewide objectives.

Why Upgrade Your Systems

How to Get Started with Victoria Services Inc

As trusted specialist's, our team will assist you every step of the way in your energy-efficient home upgrades


Reach out to Mass Save to schedule a home energy assessment. Our team at Victoria Services are certified contractors in collaboration with Mass Save, specializing in conducting these assessments. The detailed evaluation will pinpoint specific areas within your home that could benefit from energy-saving upgrades.

Explore Options

Our experts will help to identify and discuss your options. We can provide expert guidance on eligible upgrades and help you understand how the Mass Save Heat Loan can support your specific home improvement goals.

Application Process

After deciding on the upgrades, you can apply for the Mass Save Heat Loan through them. Our team will assist you in navigating the application process, ensuring you provide the necessary documentation and details about the planned improvements.

Additional Rebates & Incentives

Offered through Mass Save - Contact us to learn more. 

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