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Unlock Big Savings with
Mass Save Rebates!

Discover significant savings with Mass Save rebates for HVAC upgrades:

  • Whole-home cold-climate heat pump: Up to $10,000 in rebates.

  • Whole-home with income-based enhanced rebates: Get up to $16,000 in savings.

Up to $2,000 Federal Tax Credit

Combine these rebates with the Up to $2,000 Federal Tax Credit for even more benefits. Massachusetts residents and businesses can qualify for a tax credit of up to 30% of the cost for energy-efficient upgrades like heat pumps and heat pump water heaters. Consult your tax advisor for eligibility details.


At Victoria Services Inc, we specialize in maximizing your savings by navigating incentives and rebates through Mass Save. Experience cost-effective upgrades tailored for Massachusetts residents.

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Energy Savings: Up to 30% reduction in annual energy consumption.


Cost Savings: Average annual savings of $830 on energy bills.


Environmental Impact: Reduction of 20% in carbon emissions.

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Energy and Cost Savings Benefits!


Ceiling-Recessed Units

Ideal for kitchens and spaces with limited wall space, these units blend seamlessly into your ceiling for a modern and unobtrusive design.

Ceiling-recessed ductless mini-split air conditioning unit with transparent background, integrated seamlessly into the ceiling for efficient cooling and heating
Wall-Mounted Units

Perfect for living rooms and bedrooms, these units are mounted high on the wall, providing efficient cooling and heating without taking up floor space.

Transparent image of a wall-mounted ductless mini-split air conditioning unit, showcasing its sleek design and installation.

Horizontal-Ducted Systems: Enhance your existing furnace with this smart hybrid system that optimizes heating efficiency and air conditioning performance based on weather conditions.

Horizontal ducted HVAC system image with transparent background, showcasing the ductwork and components for efficient air distribution.
Indoor Solutions

Ductless Mini - Splits

Maximize your comfort with our mini-split systems, offering personalized climate control for each room. Enjoy energy-efficient design, whisper-quiet operation, and a sleek profile ideal for any space. Embrace year-round comfort, enhanced air quality with advanced filtration technology, and potential savings.

Woman sitting in her living room with a blanket on her shoulders, adjusting room temperature using a Samsung ductless mini-split remote.
Transparent image of a Samsung ductless mini-split air conditioning unit, showcasing its design and components.

Our Brands

Expert installation and seamless integration of smart HVAC solutions, tailored to elevate your space for modern living. Our advanced systems ensure precise temperature control, while innovative filtration and inverter technology enhance air quality and energy efficiency.

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Smart Comfort Control

Transform your comfort with cutting-edge smart HVAC technology, allowing you to set the perfect temperature from anywhere. Take charge of your indoor climate with intuitive mobile control, ensuring personalized comfort for every moment of your day.

Smartphone displaying a smart thermostat control set to 76 degrees in a bedroom setting, with a transparent background.

Why Victoria Services Inc

For HVAC Installs and Upgrades

Our HVAC solutions are custom-tailored for optimal performance and personalized comfort in every room of your home or business.

Unlock superior energy efficiency and significant cost savings through our advanced compressors and variable-speed, INVERTER-driven technology.

Reduce your carbon footprint and enjoy long-term cost savings with our energy-efficient HVAC systems. We prioritize reliable comfort while keeping sustainability in mind.

About Us:
Victoria Services Inc is your trusted HVAC company in the Greater Boston area. With a focus on excellence, we deliver top-notch HVAC solutions for residential and commercial spaces.

Heat Pump Benefits

Unlock Comfort and Savings with Energy-Efficient Heat Pumps

For Homeowners and Businesses in Greater Boston

Upgrade your HVAC system with energy-efficient heat pumps to enjoy:

  1. Year-round Comfort: Stay comfortable in every season, whether facing extreme cold winters or humidity in summers.

  2. Lower Energy Costs: Save significantly on utility bills by using efficient heating and cooling systems tailored for your property.

  3. Reduced Emissions: Contribute to a greener environment with reduced carbon emissions and eco-friendly HVAC operations.

  4. Eligibility for Mass Save Incentives: Access potential incentives and rebates through Mass Save and other programs, making upgrades cost-effective and rewarding.

Benefits of Heat Pumps:

  • Efficient heating and cooling for all seasons, ensuring optimal indoor comfort year-round.

  • Cost-effective operation leading to lower energy bills compared to traditional HVAC systems.

  • Environmentally friendly operation with reduced carbon footprint, aligning with eco-conscious values.

  • Versatile for various property types, including homes and businesses, offering tailored solutions for your needs.

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The Support You Need

Finacing Options

Victoria Services Inc partners with Synchrony Financial to make it easier to afford the latest, most efficient heating and cooling systems available. With options like deferred interest and fixed payments with low interest rates, you can find the program that works best for you.


We stand behind our systems and want you to be 100% satisfied. When you work with a participating authorized contractor - independent contractors who are certified by Mitsubishi Electric to find and install the best solution for your home - you are entitled to our limited 12 years parts/12 years compressor warranty.

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